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Wedding Wednesday – Taking Pictures Together Before The Ceremony Without Peeking!

I cannot believe that my wedding was over 4 months ago. I mean, I feel like I’ve been married a lot longer than that, but the wedding itself feels like yesterday! Last week I finally got around to posting a gallery of some of my wedding pictures. In April – 4 months later! I had that post sitting in my drafts pile for months. This year is going by crazy fast, y’all (I’m trying out this whole y’all thing. So far, so good.)

So instead of trying to rush to get all of my wedding thoughts out of the way like I’m on some time crunch, I thought I’d start a new weekly segment: Wedding Wednesday. I’m very excited! I feel like I rushed through my wedding stationery post. So instead of writing an epic on the various details of my wedding, I will break it up & have fun with these posts!

This week’s installment of Wedding Wednesday (the first one!) is on taking pictures together before the ceremony – without peeking!

Taking Pictures Together Before The Wedding Ceremony

My husband & I are pretty traditional people, & we took the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before the wedding seriously! Not for any superstitious reasons, but for the wow moment of when we would first see each other at the church. I had an album on my phone with wedding dress pictures that specifically said on it DO NOT LOOK – WEDDING DRESS PICTURES. My husband was very good about the whole thing. He wanted the moment to be special probably even more than I did, so he wasn’t really tempted to peek.

After seeing pictures of grooms’ reactions to seeing their brides, I was even more convinced that I didn’t want to do a ‘first look’. However, I had also seen pictures all over Pinterest of couples spending a few moments together before the ceremony without seeing each other. I fell in love with the idea! How cool would it be to spend a few minutes together before the ceremony? I knew I was going to make this happen somehow. I had seen a couple of different versions; on either side of a door, both wearing blindfolds, etc.

The night of our rehearsal dinner when I checked into the hotel where we’d be getting ready, I noticed the partition between the beds & the couch/sink area. This was perfect!

The morning of our wedding, once everyone was dressed & the photographers were there, my husband’s best man blindfolded him & brought him over to my room. I was standing behind the partition, & once he was in position we grabbed each other’s hand & the blindfold was removed.

I loved this moment! It was great to hear the nervous excitement in his voice. It was so sweet to have a moment to ‘check in’ with each other. I got to tell him how grateful I am to God for giving him to me.

Christmas Red Weddingwpid-fb_img_1430758057364.jpgThese are two of my favorite pictures from our wedding day.

Side note: I JUST noticed that my husband isn’t wearing his glasses in these pics. Yay! We were kinda bummed that we didn’t get any of him sans-glasses. But I guess we did!

So we had our special moment & pictures, then dashed away to the church to get married.

I got another special picture I was hoping for; the look on his face when he first saw me coming down the aisle.

Christmas Red Wedding

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first installment of Wedding Wednesday! Stay tuned for more 🙂


Displaying Wedding Photos

Displaying Wedding Photos - Mrs. Dessert Monster

My husband and I put up some of our favorite wedding photos this weekend 🙂

Displaying Wedding Photos - Mrs. Dessert Monster

I think our collage turned out nicely!

Displaying Wedding Photos - Mrs. Dessert Monster

How long do you have to be married before you stop looking at your wedding album every day?


We hung up these pictures in a similar fashion at our new home 🙂

Displaying Wedding Photos - Mrs. Dessert Monster

I still love looking at them all the time!

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