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Wedding Wednesday FINALE – Gifts To Your Spouse

Ladies & Gentlemen: it is Wednesday.

It’s the final Wednesday in this lovely little series I started back in May. It’s been a lot of fun sharing all the little details of our wedding. It’s really helped me appreciate all of the planning & work that went in to our big day.

I think wedding symbolize the amount of work we are supposed to put in to our marriages. Think of all the work you put in to the day you promised someone you’d stay with them forever, then put in that same amount of effort constantly to keep your promise. We are still in the newlywed/honeymoon stage, I suppose, so all the work is still fun. I want to put in the effort so that it always stays fun, more or less. So that our marriage/life ‘nets’ fun.

One of the last things my husband & I did for each other before getting married was exchange gifts. I really like this tradition, & since our wedding was so close to Christmas we gave each other gifts the morning of our wedding, instead of for Christmas.

My gift to my husband was totally Pinterest inspired.

Gifts To Your Spouse - Mrs. Dessert Monster

I got him a nice watch, set it to the date & time of our ceremony, & left him a little note in the box.

Gifts To Your Spouse - Mrs. Dessert Monster

My husband personalized my gift as well.

He got me a necklace from Things Remembered. It has since gotten a little beat up from me wearing it everyday, so I grabbed these photos from the website.

Gifts To Your Spouse - Mrs. Dessert Monster

It has both of our birthstones on it like this picture (September & October), but mine says “To the woman I love”

Gifts To Your Spouse - Mrs. Dessert Monster

On the back it says our names & anniversary.

Gifts To Your Spouse - Mrs. Dessert Monster

It came in this adorable jewelry box that says, “Today, tomorrow, always.” *swoon*

Gifts To Your Spouse - Mrs. Dessert MonsterGifts To Your Spouse - Mrs. Dessert Monster

I’m clearly not the best candid photo person.

It was really nice to read my husband’s sweet words (even better jewelry!) the morning of our wedding.

About an hour after exchanging gifts (via our best men), we became husband & wife.

I have really enjoyed being able to share & reminisce about our wedding day, but to be honest I would have been just as overjoyed & excited if we had eloped. Or had a smaller wedding. Or if it rained & the cake fell on the floor. At the end of the day it’s not about the wedding. It was never meant to be about the wedding. It’s about the man God gave me as a husband, & being the best wife I can be to him.