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Wedding Wednesday – Children of the Wedding Party

Hello! It’s Wednesday. We are moving in to our house finally this weekend!

Today I want to share how I got my adorable nieces & nephews involved in our wedding celebration.

I have always loved kids & babies. However, they can be unpredictable. I knew what I was getting myself in to with 2 2-year-old flower girls & a 4-year-old ring bearer!

I figured that whatever the kids decided to do – or not do- during the ceremony would be adorable.

My ring bearer was my cousin’s son, J.

Mrs. Dessert Monster Ring Bearer

The flower girls were my brother’s daughter, L, & my cousin’s daughter, S. My cousin made the outfits! My mom made the baskets & ring bearer pillow 🙂

Mrs. Dessert Monster Flower Girls

J was so excited for the job, but then he got shy. (Thank goodness he didn’t have the real rings)

Mrs. Dessert Monster Ring Bearer

So when mom helped him walk down the aisle…

Mrs. Dessert Monster Ring Bearer

S got a little upset.


Mrs. Dessert Monster Flower Girl

But eventually she made it, with a little help.

Mrs. Dessert Monster Flower Girl

L was a different story. She loves attention & did a great job going down the aisle. Neither one of the girls tossed the paper hearts I had cut out, though.

Mrs. Dessert Monster Flower Girl

BONUS KID: My cousin’s husband read Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 during the ceremony. He brought their littlest, baby P, up with him.

Mrs. Dessert Monster Kids

I love that my cousin’s whole family participated!

Mrs. Dessert Monster

 I was not aware of any of the crying, or anything else really, that went on. I was focused solely on my groom & the holiness of the ceremony.

All in all, I would say that the children did great!

See y’all next week!