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First Look At The New House!

My husband & I have a million projects going on right now.

I am not a one-at-a-time kind of person.

We decided to tackle EVERYTHING we want to do to this house before we settled in & got complacent. So I can deal with some unfinished projects if it means getting to dream house (at least at this budget) status sooner.

The biggest change we have done so far is have the outside painted.

Mrs. Dessert Monster

Holy crap, what a difference!

Whoever chose that green paint before us clearly doesn’t watch HGTV. Curb appeal, people!

I’m not done with the outside of the house just yet, but my husband did put up one very important feature.

America Flag Day - Mrs. Dessert Monster

It also just so happens to be flag day!

God bless our new home & God bless America.

6/25: Lela @ In The New House Designs just started a link party calling Inspiration Thursday.

This is my first time participating in a link party! I hope to be submitting LOTS more once I start sharing the home projects!

In The New House Designs


Kitty’s Got A New Home


I’m sure everyone feels like that when they move. I had high hopes of being super organized & getting rid of a lot of stuff before moving. But between projects at the house we wanted to do before moving in, & this pesky thing we call a full time job, we didn’t accomplish nearly what we wanted to & just ended up shoving crap in the UHAUL on Saturday. Not even boxed or anything. I was so ill prepared for this move that I forgot I had loaned out my cat carrier…

Cat Move - Mrs. Dessert MonsterCat Move - Mrs. Dessert Monster

Stanley had the strangest car ride of his life. Luckily we moved less than 2 miles.

I would NOT recommend this method of transporting animals long distances. We were in the car seriously for only like 5 minutes. The pictures were too cute not to share!

Now that we have a garage, we decided we wanted to put his litter box out there. We just had to install a cat door.

Cat Door - Mrs. Dessert Monster

A hefty cat door. He is big boned!

We were nervous he wasn’t going to get the hang of it. We put him through it a couple times & showed him that his litter box was on one side & his food bowl was on the other side.

Cat Door - Mrs. Dessert Monster

Within that first day, he got it!

I think he likes our new home. 🙂


Mrs. Home Owner!

I’ve got some really exciting news:

My husband & I bought our first house!

We just closed on it Friday & are painting/renovating/moving over the next couple of weeks.

Mrs. Dessert Monster

Can you tell we are excited???

The house doesn’t need too much work; we are basically just customizing it to our taste.

When we first found out that our offer had been accepted I said to my husband, “think of all the blog material I’ll have!”

Friday we mostly just sat in our new house & celebrated.

Mrs. Dessert Monster

We pulled out the glasses from our wedding & popped some champagne!

Mrs. Dessert Monster

Our realtor, who goes to our church, gave us that cute smiley face planter 🙂

Our friends were a big help to us over the weekend with painting & other tasks.

It's a Wonderful Life House Warming Gift - Mrs. Dessert Monster

Beth & David gave us a sweet house warming present, inspired by the movie It’s A Wonderful Life.

We are still in awe of how much are blessed.

We are extremely thankful to God for his blessings on our lives, & we hope to fill our new home with his presence.

Displaying Wedding Photos

Displaying Wedding Photos - Mrs. Dessert Monster

My husband and I put up some of our favorite wedding photos this weekend 🙂

Displaying Wedding Photos - Mrs. Dessert Monster

I think our collage turned out nicely!

Displaying Wedding Photos - Mrs. Dessert Monster

How long do you have to be married before you stop looking at your wedding album every day?


We hung up these pictures in a similar fashion at our new home 🙂

Displaying Wedding Photos - Mrs. Dessert Monster

I still love looking at them all the time!

In The New House Designs