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Cowboy/Western Trunk or Treat

This year my church did a big Fall Festival. It was awesome! There was a bounce house, hay rides, a bake sale & contest, food, games, & trunk or treat.

Along with contributing to the bake sale, we decorated our car for trunk or treat.


We dressed Cupcake as a cow for her first Halloween! I bought her pants online, her daddy made the onesie with some iron-on paper, & I made her headband from a dog costume. Semi-homemade Halloween costumes for the win!

Naturally, we had to be a cowgirl & cowboy to accompany Cupcake.1509387295928.jpg

The trunk decoration was fairly simple.


A big toy horse, cardboard ‘fence’, some rope, & a blue sheet as the backdrop.


Cupcake was really the star of the show. Everyone got a kick out of the baby cow in the (play)pen! We had other toy farm animals in there, too.


For a little bit she was even in the trunk, too! It was a windy day, but there was not a cloud in sight & the sun was beating down. How crazy is it that Tropical Storm Felipe had passed really close to us just the night before?


I hand painted this ring toss game to go along with our trunk, but it was too windy to play. Also, I think my pegs were too short, which made the game super hard. Lesson learned!

We all had fun passing out candy & checking out everyone’s costumes. Cupcake loved all of the attention she was getting. Once the trunk or treat portion of the festival was over, we checked out the rest. It was an amazing production! Over 1,000 people attended throughout the day.


I’m very proud to say that the pumpkin chocolate swirl cake with pumpkin spice buttercream I entered into the baking contest won 3rd place!

It was a great day!


Pirate Trunk Or Treat

Every year my church teams up with another local church for Trunk or Treat. If you’ve never heard of trunk or treat, it’s essentially trick or treating out of parked cars that have their trunks decorated. This year my husband & I decided to participate. It was so much fun!

Pirate Trunk Or Treat - Mrs. Dessert Monster

I decided around August that I wanted to be a pirate for Halloween. No real reason, it was one of those random strings of thought. So, naturally, we did a pirate themed trunk.

I knew I wanted to keep the candy we were giving out in a treasure chest, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a prop I’d only use once. Being the crafty woman that I am, I made one out of a styrofoam cooler!

Treasure Chest Out Of Styrofoam Cooler - Mrs. Dessert Monster

Acrylic paint works well on styrofoam. For even coverage you need two or more coats, but I liked the look of one coat of the brown – it kind of looks like wood!

With the treasure chest set, we just needed a few more decorations for our trunk. I bought some accent jewels from the dollar store to look like gems & Rolos to look like gold. We used a black trash bag as our backdrop so the rest of the car wasn’t visible (held up by thumbtacks), foam skull & crossbones that I hand painted, this halloween gauze-like stuff, & a fiber optic pirate head my mother-in-law let me borrow. My Jeep actually has a 110 plug, so we were able to light it up!

Pirate Trunk Or Treat - Mrs. Dessert Monster

I’m glad I got the Rolos, because we were running out of candy near the end so I started giving them out!

Pirate Trunk Or Treat - Mrs. Dessert Monster

It was pretty inexpensive to put all of this together. Some of the other trunks went all out! This was our first time; now we know what to expect next year!

Pirate Trunk Or Treat - Mrs. Dessert Monster

We had a blast! It was great seeing the kids all dressed up. We passed out candy, eye patches & ‘pirate tattoos’ (they were really just Jake & The Neverland Pirate Halloween Stickers).

Pirate Trunk Or Treat - Mrs. Dessert Monster

I think my husband & I looked really cute as pirates – during the day!


At night we were scary pirates – I love Halloween!