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Toddler Cards For Any Occasion

Cupcake’s birthday is in January, so last year she got to enjoy all of her first holidays in order. This means that I got to do all of the fun handprint/footprint crafts for with her.

Footprint Valentines day heart? check. Footprint Father’s day craft? check. Handprint turkey for Thanksgiving? check. Handprint AND footprint clay ornaments for Christmas? check.

Now that she’s no longer an infant, I just don’t find it as cute. Let’s face it – the gift recipients know who really made those things. ME. Don’t get me wrong, there are some really cute ideas on Pinterest. But most of them are just work for mom.

Cupcake is 17 months old – old enough to want to do things on her own, but not old enough to really understand that we are making a gift for someone else. So even if I wanted to, it’d be pretty challenging to get her to give me a handprint or a footprint this year. So strong willed, & she’s not even 2! Say a prayer for me.

For Father’s day I searched for ideas of something she could make her daddy that was minimal work for me while being a little more thoughtful than just her scribbling on a piece of paper. I didn’t really come across any ideas I liked, but inspiration came from Cupcake herself. She likes to color & paint all by herself (heavily supervised, of course!) & her absolute favorite thing in the world right now is stickers. That gave me an idea.

It sounded too simple, but what if Cupcake really could make a card for daddy by herself with minimal guidance from me?

Toddler Cards for Any Occasion Made By Toddlers - Mrs. Dessert Monster

Sometimes, the K.I.S.S. principle really is the best. Keep it simple, silly!

Cupcake had a lot of fun painting this card for daddy.Toddler Cards for Any Occasion Made By Toddlers - Mrs. Dessert Monster

Once the paint was dry, we added stickers. I let her add as many hearts as she wanted before giving her the sticker letters, one at a time in order, to spell DADA. That’s really all of the involvement I had, minus making sure she didn’t get paint everywhere! Oh, and writing her name & the date on the back!

This craft is so easily adaptable for any occasion! Use different colored paper, paint, or markers depending on your target audience & time of year! It’s infinitely customizable. You can let your toddler add as much or as little embellishment as you wish. The only ‘must’ is sticker letters. As long as your toddler has the motor skills to put stickers on a paper, they can do this craft!

Toddler Cards for Any Occasion Made By Toddlers - Mrs. Dessert Monster

My hubby really loved receiving this card from our sweet daughter. She handed it to him herself! It might sound silly, but the fact that he can tell she really made it (as opposed to mommy) makes it more special!

Toddler Cards For Any Occasion

  • card stock – any color!
  • paint, crayons, and/or markers
  • sticker letters
  • optional: more stickers, glitter, paper scraps, or any other embellishment you can trust your toddler with, plus glue if necessary!
  1. Have your toddler paint or color on the piece of card stock. If you use paint, you will have to factor in drying time. (I used paint & had it be a 2-day project. Twice the fun!)
  2. Have your toddler stick on any other embellishments. I gave Cupcake heart stickers, since this was a Father’s Day card & she ‘hearts’ her daddy. Use holiday themed stickers to be extra festive!
  3. The last step is to give your toddler sticker letters one at a time & in order of whatever word(s) you are trying to get them to spell. I minimally guided Cupcake on putting the DADA stickers next to each other. I suspect that in another month or two, I wouldn’t even have to do that! Then, write your toddler’s name & the date on the back.
  4. Have your toddler give the card to loved ones & watch their heart melt!



Wedding Wednesday – Gifts For The Bridal Party

Hello, it’s Wednesday!

The wedding Wednesday series is almost at a close!

I think it worked out great to end this series with the ‘gifts’. After all, the gift giving was done right before the wedding.

Today I want to share some of the gifts we gave to our bridal party. It meant a lot to us that we had a core group of friends/siblings by our side on that day.

It also meant a lot to me that my good friend, Beth, helped me out with the gift for the bridesmaids. She runs an Etsy shop, Bobbin & Co., where she sells adorable hand-made bags.

Bridesmaid wedding gift - Mrs. Dessert Monster

Bags like this wristlet! We custom designed it to match the wedding theme.

Bridesmaid wedding gift - Mrs. Dessert Monster

This is the inside of the wristlet – I love the surprise music notes!

These came out so cool I bought one for myself! I gave them to the girls the night of the rehearsal dinner, along with the jewelry.

For the guys I also turned to Etsy for part of their gift. AnnieHowes Etsy shop has make your own cuff link kits. I bought one & made musical cuff links for all the guys!

Groomsman wedding gift - Mrs. Dessert Monster

I also got them personalized bottler openers with their initials from Oriental Trading, but there are no pictures of that. Sorry folks! It’s funny how during wedding season last year I thought I was taking too many pictures of all the details. I did not know about the wonderful world of blogging back then.

Next week will be the last installment of Wedding Wednesday. There’s only so much I can say about the details of the wedding. On marriage, though, I could talk forever. Hmm…new series idea?

See y’all next week!

Wedding Wednesday – Gifts for Flower Girls & Ring Bearer

Last week I shared the gifts we gave to our loving parents. This week I wanted to share the gifts we gave to other special people in the wedding – the kiddos!

I know that the flower girls won’t really remember the wedding, & the ring bearer might not either (or will only remember the part where he got stage fright). So I love the idea of them having something they can look back on later in life while cleaning their room or going through the attic.

Flower girl gift - Mrs. Dessert Monster

I got this book for my two lovely flower girls. It’s really sweet! Fiona is asked to be the flower girl in her aunt’s wedding – how perfect! Inside I wrote a little message to each of my special girls.


There wasn’t a ring bearer book option that I saw, & I wanted to get my little man something more than just a toy. I was so happy when I saw these custom shirts on Oriental Trading!

I just want the little ones to know how much it meant to my husband & me that they were a part of our big day. Tio & Tia love them very much!

More gifts next week! I think this will be a nice way to end the series.

Wedding Wednesday – Gifts for the Parents of the Bride & Groom

This week has been CRAZY at work!

Sorry this post is a bit late, but the bright side of it being Wednesday night instead of Wednesday is that it’s that much closer to Friday.

Today I wanted to share with you the gifts that we gave to our parents the night before the wedding.

For our moms I custom ordered these bracelets from ScrapheartGifts on Etsy.

Mother of the Bride Groom Gift - Mrs. Dessert Monster

Each has a pendant that says mother of the bride/groom & two messages: one from me & one from my husband.

Both of our moms wore them on the day of the wedding.

Mother of the Bride Groom Gift - Mrs. Dessert Monster

The gifts we gave our dads we actually bought several months before the wedding on our trip to Italy.

Father of the Bride Groom Gift - Mrs. Dessert Monster

We were in Burano, Venice & bought 2 lace handkerchiefs at a lovely little store. We had such a great time talking to the shop owner. My husband & I were really proud of ourselves for carrying on a 20-minute conversation in Italian with someone who didn’t speak any English!

We knew my husband’s dad would be touched to receive a gift from his homeland.

Fatherof the Bride Groom Gift - Mrs. Dessert Monster

My cousin embroidered the handkerchiefs with a little message from me – the same cousin who made the flower girl dresses. She’s so crafty!

We gave the gifts to our parents at the rehearsal dinner.

We wanted to take the time to appreciate everything our parents had done for us. Not just helping us prepare for the wedding, but preparing us for life.

More gifts in store next week!