Cuban Seasoning Mix

We all have those smells that take us back to our childhood homes. Sometimes it's something like perfume or something in nature like trees or flowers. A lot of the time I believe it's food. This seasoning smells like home to me. For me, Cuban seasoning should be heavy on two spices: garlic & cumin.… Continue reading Cuban Seasoning Mix

Classic Cuban Flan

Deciding what recipe to share with you this week for Hispanic Heritage Month inspired me to make something that I have not made in ages: flan. What is flan? Flan is a delicious cooked custard. There really is nothing like it in my opinion. It can be very hard to describe. When done correctly, the… Continue reading Classic Cuban Flan

Champola de Mamoncillo

Where my Caribbeans at? This fruit goes by many names: mamoncillo, mamon, guinep, quenepa, Spanish lime, etc. The name may change depending on where you are, but one thing that doesn't change is how delicious it is. Mamoncillos are in the lychee family, but the taste does not compare. I do not like lychee. I love… Continue reading Champola de Mamoncillo

Cuban Black Beans & Rice (Congri)

I'm not a big rice person. Maybe it's from having to eat it all the time when I was little. Cubans eat rice only second to Asians (One of my old college roommates was Chinese-American & did not consider it a proper meal unless she had some white rice. She also had like this 6th sense ability to know when… Continue reading Cuban Black Beans & Rice (Congri)