Sweet & Cheesy Bacon Tots

Today is International Bacon Day! Or at least, one of them, anyway. To celebrate both bacon day & the start of college football this weekend, I'm making these delicious sweet & cheesy bacon tots. I first made these for New Year's Eve last year & they were such a hit! Just a little prep & 25… Continue reading Sweet & Cheesy Bacon Tots

Prosciutto Ricotta Pizza

Last week I shared a delicious whole wheat pizza crust recipe. Now I'm finally getting around to sharing what I put on it!  Tada! My husband & I first had this delicious combination in Italy. You have not had ricotta cheese until you've had it fresh in Italy. It's been 2 years and I still… Continue reading Prosciutto Ricotta Pizza

Busy Nights & Shepherd’s Pie

Life is busy. Like, really busy. Time is flying by. One of the reasons that time seems even more fleeting for me lately is the fact that I don’t like to consider my job as part of my life. When you factor everything in, I am away from home because of work for 50+ hours a… Continue reading Busy Nights & Shepherd’s Pie