Pregnant Tiramisu

I have been pretty good this pregnancy about following the guidelines of what not to eat. Not too paranoid, but definitely avoiding the basics. No alcohol. No cold cuts. No sushi. Limited caffeine. Nothing with raw eggs. Raw eggs is one that seems straight forward, but isn't. Meringue frosting? Raw egg whites. Homemade mayonnaise dressings?… Continue reading Pregnant Tiramisu

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! This year I have more to be thankful for than ever! I'm so thankful for my family, especially my baby girl! Less than 9 weeks left to go! I thank God for all these blessings & hope everyone has a wonderful holiday filled with love. ❤

Celebration Week!

This week is full of celebrations! So many birthdays this week. Several of my friends have birthdays around this time. My cat turned 11! My niece turned 4! & I'm 28! However, these are not the biggest celebrations of the week. The biggest celebration is on Friday, the 40th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment! For almost… Continue reading Celebration Week!