First Look At The New House!

My husband & I have a million projects going on right now. I am not a one-at-a-time kind of person. We decided to tackle EVERYTHING we want to do to this house before we settled in & got complacent. So I can deal with some unfinished projects if it means getting to dream house (at… Continue reading First Look At The New House!

Mrs. Home Owner!

I've got some really exciting news: My husband & I bought our first house! We just closed on it Friday & are painting/renovating/moving over the next couple of weeks. Can you tell we are excited??? The house doesn't need too much work; we are basically just customizing it to our taste. When we first found… Continue reading Mrs. Home Owner!

Displaying Wedding Photos

My husband and I put up some of our favorite wedding photos this weekend 🙂 I think our collage turned out nicely! How long do you have to be married before you stop looking at your wedding album every day? 7/22/15 UPDATE FROM OUR NEW HOME: We hung up these pictures in a similar fashion at… Continue reading Displaying Wedding Photos

Pinterest Projects In Real Life

I love Pinterest. A lot of the ideas for my wedding came from things I saw on Pinterest. But before I talk about those, I wanted to share some of the various Pinterest projects, large and small, that I've done around the home. Bedroom Mini Makeover I came across this blog one day and knew I… Continue reading Pinterest Projects In Real Life