It’s Not ‘Goodbye’, It’s ‘See You Later’

Last Sunday was bittersweet. It was Cupcake's baptism, but it was also the last day we would see her godparents for several months. Our best friends & our sweet goddaughter have moved to North Carolina. Hubby & I knew this day would come. We knew that David would be looking for a job out of… Continue reading It’s Not ‘Goodbye’, It’s ‘See You Later’

New Adventure – Usborne Books & More!

Last week I made a very exciting decision: I decided to become a book lady. I'm super excited to kick off my new book business with Usborne Books & More! I love that Usborne Books & More promotes literacy in fun & innovative ways. I'm excited to instill a love of reading in my daughter.… Continue reading New Adventure – Usborne Books & More!

White Margarita

It's National Margarita Day! Last year we celebrated with strawberry margaritas. This year I wanted to share this delicious recipe with you. My husband found the original recipe here, & changed it just a little bit. One of the commenters nicknamed it the White Margarita, so that's what we call it. Made with silver tequila… Continue reading White Margarita

today is fat tuesday

My lovely friend Caroline, who constantly points me to Jesus, wonderfully describes my attitude about Lent. She’s taking on prayer, I’m taking on reading (& giving up a few dumb things).

I do wish protestants treated Easter as ‘special’ as we treat Christmas. Without Easter, there is no Christmas.

hands with holes

Sometimes I don’t think about Lent until the day before but fortunately this year I was not taken off guard.  I have been reminded of Lent through friends and articles and even my own body really wanting warmer weather and the good change of spring making everything green and alive.

Lent is not Roman Catholic.  Lent is Christian.  It’s not our role to criticize what a tradition has become but rather to exemplify what it ought to be.  Lent is important.  We are reminded of Christmas coming for weeks on end so when it finally arrives and you get to that candlelight service, your heart is ready to contemplate the divinity becoming a small baby.  Messiah performances focus us on the great tradition of inviting Jesus to join the winter festival.  Easter gets forgotten.  I see Peeps marshmallows in the store but as much as I love Peeps, they…

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March For Life 2016

This Floridian is travelling to DC tomorrow night. Yep, even as Major Winter Storm Jonas approaches, seemingly promising to hit hard on Friday - the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade -the day of the march. Even if the forecast was worse, as long as I could physically get my ass to DC I would still go. Hundreds of… Continue reading March For Life 2016