My Blogging Process

I have thoroughly been enjoying the past 11 months that this blog has been up & running!

I never considered blogging before my wedding last year, but after being inspired by so many different DIY blogs & wedding blogs throughout the planning process, I thought, “hey, I could do that! I have things to share! I have a voice!”

I jumped right into this whole blogging thing head-first. I even bought my own domain right away. It’s been a fantastic ride & I plan on recapping my first year of blogging once it’s actually been a year!

So, what’s my blogging genre? What’s my blogging style?

Mrs. Dessert Monster

This is more than a lifestyle blog; this is my lifestyle blog.

Currently, my lifestyle is that of a 27 year old woman with a full time job & a fantastic husband. I’m just doing life as it comes; and sharing it with y’all afterwards.

I don’t have a fancy camera & don’t get to set up photo shoots during the day using natural light. I don’t make things ahead of time for the holidays or special occasions so that I can share them before the day passes. I don’t have a blogging schedule.

Not that any of those things are bad! I’m an avid reader of many blogs that do follow those ‘rules’. I love looking at wonderful food photography & beautiful tablescapes. The passion behind the photographs comes through in so many of the blogs I follow.

I hope it comes out in mine, too. I hope that my poorly lit cellphone photos show how much I love cooking, or crafting, or whatever other activity I am sharing. I hope that my November 1st Halloween post shows how much fun I had.

There have been a few times when I am inspired to do or make something specifically for a post, but mostly these moments come about genuinely, & often at night after work (ergo the bad lighting!). I’m also taking my time in sharing things around me. My house is the perfect example for that. We moved back in June & all I’ve shared so far is the bathroom. But that means I have material for more posts!

Lately I have realized the importance of putting more of myself into what I’m writing. Hence this post, I suppose. The blogs that I enjoy reading the most are much more than just “here’s a few excellent photos of a cake I made. Recipe below.” I’m learning a lot from my peers.

I’m also slowly learning to take better pictures, though still using my cell phone or digital camera. Fellow bloggers have posted some great tips on backdrops & colors & angles. I’m listening.

Most of all, I’m growing, & not just as a blogger. I’m growing in my faith, though that doesn’t make it into my writing as much as I’d like. I’m growing in cooking & other skills. I’m growing as a wife.

So, what’s my blogging process?

My blogging process is much like my life; a little all over the place, but a lot of fun.


3 thoughts on “My Blogging Process

  1. Coastal Kelder November 6, 2015 at 3:16 PM Reply

    Gina, we’re so similar in lots of ways! haha I have the same blogging process — aka capturing life as it happens, and hope the picture isn’t too terrible! Cheers to your 11 months!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. […] I would say that I accomplished the goal I set out for myself last year: to honor God & love my husband while making cookies & writing about it. […]


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