Wedding Wednesday – Wedding Dress!

Hello! It’s Wednesday. I am close to finishing the list of things I wanted to share with you guys on Wednesdays. It’s not a bad thing! I have very much enjoyed these Wednesday posts & having somewhat of a schedule. This ‘series’ will end some day, but today is not that day!

Today I am sharing details about my wedding dress!

I lump veil & jacket in here, too. It was all a part of my ‘look’ 🙂

Wedding Dress - Mrs. Dessert Monster

I went wedding dress shopping with my mom, mother in law, & sister in law pretty shortly after we got engaged. We went to Patricia South Bridal; I had gotten my prom dress there back in high school & knew that’s where I wanted my wedding dress from this whole time. We had a good time shopping! I only tried on like 5 dresses before the bridal consultant brought out a dress I fell in love with. She told me to try it on, even though the sample was a pink/blush color. She assured that the dress also came in ivory. That was it. I think I knew before I even stepped out of the dressing room!

Wedding Dress - Mrs. Dessert Monster

I wasn’t sure what kind of dress I wanted at all before going shopping. My only requirement was lace. I also knew I wanted sleeves, but knew that I could always add a jacket to any dress I liked.

It’s funny because I don’t think I would have ever in my head picked out this trumpet-style dress without trying it on. The fact that this style is called ‘trumpet’ was also a sign this was the one for me – my husband is a trumpet player!

Wedding Dress - Mrs. Dessert Monster

Here you can see the difference between blush & ivory.

I got to try on the whole look I had in my head: fingertip length veil & lace 3/4 sleeve jacket.

Wedding Dress - Mrs. Dessert Monster

It was perfect!

The dress was within my budget, however the jacket & the veil would have put me way over! Sorry, Patricia, but I got those 2 items much cheaper online!

Wedding Dress - Mrs. Dessert Monster

Wedding Dress - Mrs. Dessert Monster

I couldn’t resist posting this picture when my veil came in! It’s a very simple veil, since the dress has so much going on with the beautiful lace!

My wedding dress took a couple of months to come in, & when it did I immediately went to check it out!

Wedding Dress - Mrs. Dessert Monster

It’s soooooo much prettier in ivory!

How did I keep my husband from seeing all this stuff? My mom had the dress at her house, but I had all these pictures on my phone. Not that my husband would have looked on purpose, but we all know what can happen when you are scrolling trying to look for something. This is why I had a whole separate album on my phone. This way I could show others without worrying about accidentally showing my husband. I even made a special album cover for it.


He’s great, I knew he wouldn’t peak!

Closer to the wedding, once I had my shoes & everything, I had my first official fitting. Luckily, the dress didn’t need much work! I listened to the consultant when I was first shopping & bought the recommended size. It’s just a number, ladies! The way it fits, feels, & looks is way more important!

Wedding Dress - Mrs. Dessert Monster

I love this dress! I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I have not sent it to be cleaned & preserved yet. I will! I love the idea of someday using it in some way for my children, so I will store it until that day comes.


This dress made me feel like a million bucks on my wedding day!

See you next time!


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