Our TV Wall

My husband is a very techy guy. He works in IT, & just has a way with electronics. I’m convinced he has some sort of electromagnetic field around him, because he can fix most electronics by just touching them. There have been times where my phone is acting up & I’ll call out for my husband. By the time he gets up from his chair, my phone is working. It’s like even just the threat of him touching it is enough to fix it. Don’t make me come over there!

When I told him I wanted to hang our TV & put shelves up around it, he was totally in to it!

TV Wall - Mrs. Dessert Monster

We hung the TV (48″) in the direct center of the wall, then planned where we wanted the shelves.

We had never really hung shelves like this before. It was a slight pain to get them all even, but we did it! My biggest recommendation to anyone hanging shelves with visible brackets like this is to hang the brackets on the wall first, then put the shelves on top & screw them in. Also, if you don’t have an electric/battery operated drill, get one!

Besides being tech savvy, my husband is also very handy. He’s the best. 🙂

Concealing all of the wires for the surround sound & everything took some planning on our part, but we did it!

TV Wall - Mrs. Dessert Monster

Here’s our secret: We took a vinyl basket & cut the back off of it. The surge protector & all the wires go inside. Tada!

For the wires we couldn’t conceal as easily, we used racetrack.


That’s an antenna. We ditched our cable bill a while ago. Netflix & HBO Go, baby!

You’ll also notice that we display plenty of love for our alma maters, with these signs & our bookends holding the DVDs.

Another little trick I’m proud of is using a desk organizer as a remote caddy.

TV Wall - Mrs. Dessert Monster

I love this whole shelf thing because of the holiday/ special occasion decorating potential. I can’t wait to decorate these for Christmas!

TV Wall - Mrs. Dessert Monster
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6 thoughts on “Our TV Wall

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  2. lelaburris

    Hey Gina! This wall looks amazing! I am so impressed! I use the backless baskets too. They make a great place to hide the satellite box. Thanks so much for sharing at Inspiration Thursday! Have a great 4th of July weekend!

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