Kitty’s Got A New Home


I’m sure everyone feels like that when they move. I had high hopes of being super organized & getting rid of a lot of stuff before moving. But between projects at the house we wanted to do before moving in, & this pesky thing we call a full time job, we didn’t accomplish nearly what we wanted to & just ended up shoving crap in the UHAUL on Saturday. Not even boxed or anything. I was so ill prepared for this move that I forgot I had loaned out my cat carrier…

Cat Move - Mrs. Dessert MonsterCat Move - Mrs. Dessert Monster

Stanley had the strangest car ride of his life. Luckily we moved less than 2 miles.

I would NOT recommend this method of transporting animals long distances. We were in the car seriously for only like 5 minutes. The pictures were too cute not to share!

Now that we have a garage, we decided we wanted to put his litter box out there. We just had to install a cat door.

Cat Door - Mrs. Dessert Monster

A hefty cat door. He is big boned!

We were nervous he wasn’t going to get the hang of it. We put him through it a couple times & showed him that his litter box was on one side & his food bowl was on the other side.

Cat Door - Mrs. Dessert Monster

Within that first day, he got it!

I think he likes our new home. 🙂



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