100 Days of Marriage


Today is our 100th day as husband & wife!

Somehow I got the idea that this should be celebrated & starting brain storming on exactly how I wanted to do this. So I came up with the idea of writing 100 things I love about my husband & surprising him.

I figured that if I couldn’t come up with 100 things I love about him, I was in trouble.


I’m not saying I immediately sat down & scribbled 100 things off of the top of my head like it was easy. It took me weeks to fill up the 100 sheet notebook I bought.



I actually learned a lot over the past couple of weeks. I started observing my husband so that I could adequately describe all of the little quirks and nuances I love about him. I know I love my husband entirely, but spelling out all of those little things wasn’t as obvious as I originally thought. So I found myself studying him closely as I filled up this notebook, unbeknownst to him. I actually though of several more things I could have written once I was done, which is wonderful.

Turns out I really do love him, like, A LOT.

We are going to 100 Montaditos tonight to celebrate We were going to go, but our local one closed down! We had tacos instead 🙂

I almost spoiled the surprise about a week ago when he told me he had trumpet practice for Easter on the 30th & I reacted in a way that made him ask me if I had plans. I forgot that the plans were only in my head! I spent the next 5 minutes giggling & trying to get him to drop the subject. I wanted to surprise him and do something nice for him. I wanted to put in all this effort for him & show him how much he means to me without him doing anything in return.

The best part about this notebook, though, is that if I ever doubt our marriage I can go back & read what I wrote in my own words about the man I married. If troubled times hit us & I waver, I will have a reminder of 100 reasons to hang on tight (there are many, many more than that).

We had a great morning looking through the notebook together. I loved watching his face light up as he was reading it; I could tell he was really touched. I married an amazing man ❤


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