Say Cheese!


Yesterday was National Cheese Lover’s Day! No, seriously. I thank God that we are fortunate enough in this country to celebrate the little things. So my husband and I decided to make grilled cheese sandwiches & cheese crisps for dinner. It didn’t seem like anything special, until my husband suggested we cook the grilled cheese sandwiches in the waffle maker (my waffle maker, of course). Waffle everything! So naturally I had to snap some pics.


Of course, we put bacon on the sandwiches. And of course, my husband made the bacon in the cast iron pan again. Mmmm bacon (FYI: National Bacon Day is December 30).


Emily from Joyful Abode wrote a great post about making cheese crisps that I’m not even going to try to top. All I can say is that I listened to her when she said to use parchment paper, and the cheese crisps came up really easily. I made some using Parmesan, some using a Mexican cheese blend, and some with a hybrid of the two. They were all equally delicious 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Say Cheese!

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